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Trained at a large, international law firm, I have set out on my own to provide a standard of service expected of large law firms while maintaining better flexibility to work closely with clients on the large variety of issues that affect their lives.  I understand how every case deeply impacts the client, regardless of the size of the dispute or the client.  The small firm environment allows me the freedom to work out unique arrangements fitting numerous, distinct client circumstances while generating the confidence that a professional is handling their matter.


Nothing gives me more satisfaction that obtaining favorable resolutions for clients.  I ensure that I first hear what the client wants, something many attorneys fail to accomplish.  It is my belief that it is impossible to know what a success outcome is without first understanding what the client desires.


Litigation of any type can be one of the most emotional times in a person's life.  I strive to lend an understanding ear to my clients, doing my best to make sure they feel comfortable and confident in the direction the matter is headed.  Additionally, I attempt to help minimize fears and work out solutions and coping mechanisms to handle any negative events that might occur.


I understand that responsiveness is critically important to clients.  To that end, I always answer email and phone calls promptly, giving clients the confidence that their matter is receiving the attention it requires and deserves.

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